Frequently Asked Questions

AddaCorner is your platform to connect with more Co-buyers with same buying need as yours. You connect to form a team and then directly meet the seller as a team to negotiate your purchase.

Adda implies a group of like-minded people. Corner is a place or angle where two sides or edges meet. At AddaCorner, the effort is to ensure purchaser’s judicious expectation is met by the seller’s offer through Group Negotiation.

AddaCorner helps you to negotiate your purchase DIRECTLY with the seller as a TEAM. It is simple, when you represent to the seller as a team, your power is amplified.

You should join AddaCorner to negotiate all your valued purchases. It makes you stronger when you team up and meet the seller to negotiate your purchase. It keeps you stronger for all your representation with the seller, even post-purchase.

AddaCorner is a Socio-Tech buyer’s platform. It is not an advertising nor a marketing platform. AddaCorner does not charge brokerage from the buyer nor from the seller.

Group Negotiation is not a discount but a process where in you can leverage the power of group to chalk best deal by negotiating as a group. With multiple prospects keen for fast closures you will harness the best possible deal with the seller which otherwise would not have been possible, basically making it a Win -Win situation all around. There are no intermediaries, so your negotiation will be fair, transparent with no hidden agendas.

AddaCorner is not a discounting platform. The pricing is totally dependent on your negotiation capability and the seller’s offer. But when you are a team, good things are bound to happen.

AddaCorner is best suited for thoughtful purchases. By thoughtful, we mean any purchases where you need to do proper evaluation and good negotiation like buying Real-Estate, Cars, bikes, high-end electronics etc.

Trending Addas are formed based on the trend of search / buying of society. Any Addas formed / created by any member, after being approved by AddaCorner Admin, will also feature in Trending Adda. It is just a classification mode of an Adda.

Are the Addas formed location specific?

Yes, surely you can join an Adda from a different location. You should only join if you are serious to go ahead with the purchase from that particular location.

You can browse for your desired Adda in the Trending Adda section. You can also search your Adda by typing in the exact product / service model in the search section.

If you are unable to find your Adda, you can create your own Adda. This is one unique feature of AddaCorner.

The Adda created by you has to be approved by admin to be published.

Select your location, browse for your Adda in trending Adda section, you can search for your Adda as well; sign-in/ register, answer the questions to join your Adda.

Yes. If you have not decided on your purchase you can un-join the Adda after you joined it.

The questions provide basic understanding to the seller about your expectation before the Adda meeting. You also can seek to pre-approve your loan.

The meeting with the seller will be fixed as soon as the minimum quorum is achieved or on the stipulated meeting date (whichever is earlier).

The meeting date is fixed keeping sometime between the creation of ‘Adda’ and the scheduled meeting date to enable more co-buyers joining the Adda.

Any number more than 1 is a team. Howsoever, we will try for a minimum of 3 members to organise the meeting.

There is no maximum strength limit for organising the meeting.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the meeting but keen to go ahead with the purchase on terms of what the Adda decides, you can do so by reaching out over mail to Admin of AddaCorner (

Yes, your direct family member above 18 years can attend the meeting who can take decision/negotiate on your behalf. However, you need to nominate and reach out to

AddaCorner verifies the authenticity of the buyers and their requirements. Every buyer goes through 2 level check points – identity check and eligibility check. This check point is put in place so that the sanctity of the group is not compromised.

There is no Fee charged to the buyer.

Just like a Buyer looks for a Best deal, sellers are also keen to offer best and judicious deal to their buyers, provided that the buyer is genuine and is ready to close off the deal immediately. When more buyers join to buy immediately, the probability of a seller to offer a much better deal is always high. AddaCorner works toward bringing verified buyers together and connect them to the seller so that a great deal strikes between the buyer’s group and the seller.

We believe that serious buyers would have shortlisted 2 or 3 product brand only, howsoever there is no maximum limit of joining Addas.

We do not share your information with anyone without your consent, AddaCorner respects your privacy and keeps your contact details and requirements completely confidential. The data is shared with the seller on the day of Group Negotiation for registering you for the meeting with the seller.

AddaCorner allows you the complete autonomy to conduct the bargain on your own via the AI led bot, which is designed to maximise the outcome for the buyer.

The seller will flash the best price on the meeting date and will also give confirmation on the model/unit chosen by the buyer. The buyer can chose to accept the offer and complete the payment. The payment link will be initiated by the seller.

The negotiation meeting will be facilitated via AI led Discussion box followed by a VC. The buyers identity will however be protected.

It will be valid only for 24 hours from the meeting time.

Why does the Adda pricing and terms have a limited validity?

What if I choose not to buy the product / service after the Adda meeting?

Yes, you can avail the same pricing and special terms of purchase as negotiated by the Adda, provided the purchase is done with the token amount within 24 hours. Please do reach out to Admin of AddaCorner for the same (

The token booking amount will be adjusted on the total cost of product / service by the seller. No fee is charged by AddaCorner.

This token booking amount has to be paid to the seller directly on the meeting day or within 24 hours of the meeting.

The remaining of the booking amount less the token amount has to be paid to the seller within the stipulated time frame provided by the Seller. This will be intimated on the meeting day by the seller.

You can surely pay the complete booking amount directly to the seller on the meeting day or within 24 hours of the meeting instead of the token booking amount. It is at your discretion. In some cases, you need to pay the complete amount to close on the purchase (eg. Electronics).

After the complete booking amount payment is done, the purchase formalities will be facilitated by the seller.

Can I participate in the Adda after I have purchased the Product /service brand to renegotiate my pricing and terms of purchase?

No, you may not be able join after the Adda meeting as the Adda expires post the meeting date. However you may reach out to Admin of AddaCorner at to put a special request to the seller.

You need to contact the seller directly as your purchase will be from the seller directly.