Frequently Asked Questions

AddaCorner is your platform to connect with more like-minded, serious buyers to jointly purchase an item or a service in bulk to lower the per-unit price.

Adda implies a group of like-minded people. Corner is a place or angle where two sides or edges meet. At AddaCorner, the effort is to ensure purchaser’s judicious expectation is met by the seller’s offer through Group Negotiation.

You should join AddaCorner to negotiate all your valued purchases. It makes you stronger as you team up with other serious co-buyers and negotiate your purchase as a Group. It will keep you stronger for all your representation with the seller, even post-purchase.

AddaCorner is a buyer’s platform. It is not advertising nor a marketing platform. Unlike traditional brokers, we are 100% independent, taking no brokerage from sellers or ‘hiding’ our fees in small print. We work only for your benefit. When you choose AddaCorner, you’re getting your very own personal negotiator, dedicated to saving you as much as possible. And by using our unique group negotiation methods, we have negotiating power that you wouldn’t get purchasing on your own.

When we say that we’re independent, we mean it. AddaCorner’s independence comes from refusing commissions, referral fees or financial incentives from sellers. This ensures we are staying true to our core values of being a client-driven service. Giving us the ability to remain completely unbiased in our negotiations and the advantage of being able to negotiate with a broad number of sellers (as the case may be- for eg. Cars, Bikes, Electronics etc), ensuring we secure the best possible price we can for our AddaCorner Buyers.

We work only for your benefit and have developed our unique AddaCorner promise to reflect these values. The AddaCorner Promise – AddaCorner accepts no referral fees, no commissions and no incentives (financial or otherwise) from any Sellers. Our promise is to always provide a 100% client-driven and truly independent service. We work with the Sellers, FOR YOU. This means, by negotiating on your behalf, we are proudly committed to getting you the best possible price we can. We make our purchases based on the best price for our AddaCorner Buyers, that’s it.

Group Negotiation is a process wherein you can leverage the power of the group to chalk the best prices and draw out big savings. With multiple prospects keen for fast closures, you will harness the best possible deal with the seller; for SURE. There are no intermediaries, so your negotiation will be fair, transparent with no hidden agendas.

Your final price is determined by a number of factors. While we can’t guarantee what your exact savings will be until the negotiation process is completed, but what we can guarantee however, is that your Negotiation Manager will negotiate hard to secure you a great price, one that is fair and significantly better than what you can do alone.

AddaCorner is best suited for thoughtful purchases. By thoughtful, we mean any purchase where you need to do a proper evaluation and do good negotiation. AddaCorner is catering to the following categories: Real Estate, Cars, Bikes, Education/ training/ skill development programs, Designer Garments / Dresses, Furniture, Health and Wellness Programs, Hotel/ Resort Packages, Luxury Dining and high-end electronics.

Trending Addas are formed based on the trend of search / buying trend. Any Addas formed / created by any member, after being approved by AddaCorner Admin, will also feature in Trending Adda. It is just a classification mode for an Adda.

Featured Addas are Brand promoted Addas. Special offers or best deals are offered as part of these promotions.


Yes, surely you can join an Adda from a different location. But, you should only join if you are serious to go ahead with the purchase from that particular location.

You can browse for your desired Adda in the Trending Adda section. You can also search your Adda by typing in the exact product / service model in the search section.

If you are unable to find your Adda, you can Create Your Adda. This is the unique feature of AddaCorner.

The Adda created by you has to be approved by admin to be published.

You can go to the Registration Link, enter your details and choose the membership category.

There are 2 types of Membership Categories – Gold and Silver. Under the Silver Membership category, a user can join a maximum of 5 Addas for Group Negotiation, any time of the year; whereas for Gold Membership User will get to join a maximum of 10 Addas. Both memberships are valid for 1 year and can be renewed any time of the year

This is a member only service.

Yes. If you have not decided on your purchase you can un-join the Adda after you joined it.

The questions provides basic understanding about your expectation and help us to understand your seriousness before the Adda meeting.

The meeting with the seller (Real Estate, Cars and Bikes) will be fixed as soon as the minimum quorum is achieved or on the stipulated meeting date (whichever is earlier). For all other categories, every 7 days the meetings are fixed. The meeting dates will be mentioned on the Adda page.

Because AddaCorner is based on a group purchasing model, we do need time to form the group, coordinate and find the best possible price. Because of this, AddaCorner group purchases are usually completed in 2-4 weeks.

The Adda joining gets closed 24 -48 hours before the meeting day. This is fixed by the Admin based on various parameters.

AddaCorner will work towards a target of a 2 member team for each Adda.

There is no maximum strength limit for organising the meeting.

On the meeting date, our Negotiation Manager will represent the Adda to the Seller to chalk the best price and terms of purchase. On drawing the best price, AddaCorner will host a meeting of the seller with all the buyers. The seller can address any queries etc and close the purchasing formalities.

Negotiation is an art. It has to be done very tactfully and strategically. In a diverse group, there will be good Negotiators and there will be not so good Negotiators as well. To ensure it’s a winning Negotiation, AddaCorner appoints their expert Negotiator to chalk the Best Deal for the Adda members.

Yes. All members through a VC mode gets to meet the seller directly. The seller will address all queries and complete the purchase formalities. This is done to ensure 100% transparency. Buyers will not able to see each other to ensure privacy, it would be done in a WEBINAR style.

If you don’t want to wait, we offer a single-window negotiating service and we will send you a quote within 48 hours.

Just like a Buyer looks for the Best deal, sellers are also keen to offer a best and judicious deal to their buyers, provided that the buyer is genuine and is ready to close the deal immediately. When more buyers join to buy immediately, the probability of a seller offering a much better deal is always high. AddaCorner works towards bringing verified buyers together and connect them to the seller so that a great deal strikes between the buyer’s group and the seller. Our Expert Negotiators are quite good with the subject.

We do not share your information with anyone without your consent, AddaCorner respects your privacy and keeps your contact details and requirements completely confidential. The data is shared with the seller on the day of Group Negotiation for registering you for the meeting with the seller.

It will be valid only for 24 hours from the meeting time.

The Group Deal may fall short in such situations and as such the token amount paid by the member will be forfeited.

For every negotiation, a token amount (refundable/adjustable) equivalent to 1% of the value of the product needs to be deposited. It will be refundable if a lower price is unable to be achieved and adjustable if the target price is achieved, the amount will be adjusted with the product value.

AddaCorner charges only a success fee of 20% of the Savings Amount that it achieves through its Group Negotiation service for the buyer.

There are no other fees, no hidden costs, no fine prints, no risk, no catches, no clearance/outlet items or second-hand items. AddaCorner only deals with brand new, leading quality brands you want, at a great value with top-shelf service that saves you time and effort.

The token amount is adjustable to the Total Product Price less the AddaCorner Service Charge (on the Savings) as stipulated. A detailed statement will be sent to each member.

This token booking amount has to be parked with an ESCROW ACCOUNT for initiating the Group Negotiation meeting with the seller. This will be transferred to the seller (less the Success Fee, as mentioned above) on finalisation and closure of the Group Pricing. This is the safest mode of operation.

The remaining of the booking amount less the adjusted token amount has to be paid to the seller within the stipulated time frame mentioned by the Seller.

After the complete booking amount payment is done, the purchase formalities will be facilitated by the seller.

Get in touch and ask away, write to us at Our buying experts are ready to help