Our Story

We are on a mission. We understand that we cannot solve all of world’s problems. But we can try to solve some of yours.

We believe in the importance and strength of a team over an individual, particularly when it comes to negotiating a purchase. We can obviously do more as a group than we can individually.

Coming together is the core of our idea, as a force for good. That’s how we have joined forces to bring you together and use that power to leverage for better negotiation, than you could have as an individual.

And the benefits are not just for you. The seller, the dealer, they benefit too. It’s so much easier for them to work with an unified group than individuals. That’s the power of unity.

That’s the power of AddaCorner.

Imagine getting your dream car or your dream home or an International Holiday at a dream price. It’s no more a dream with AddaCorner. We at AddaCorner connect you and other like-minded buyers to form a team, calling it an ‘Adda’. With the team, it becomes easier in negotiating transactions much better, be it pricing or terms of the purchase.

With transparency and maximum value, the end result is pure happiness. Now, happiness is your next Adda.

Happy Buyer! Delighted Seller!


To be the world’s premier platform that inspires people through ‘The Power of Unity’ and provide them the best group negotiation opportunities anywhere in the planet.


To spread the power of unity.


To be the democratising force in the world of Group Negotiation.